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When I was 12 Years old I bought a Heath-kit AJ-21 Radio Kit. It took several days to build, but when I got it done and fired it up the first time, it was the most beautiful static I've ever heard. I loved that old radio, and little did I know until years later it was the beginning of an electronics passion for me. When I got into high school I was given a choice of Biology or Electronics.  That was a no-brainer as Electronics seemed so much more fun than cutting open frogs.

Then it was cars and making them cool. It didn't take to long to figure out that cool cars and audio systems are just meant to go together. After doing audio systems for a bit I discovered how much more fun driving can be with a great sounding system. This set the stage for searching through brands and testing components to find the best sounding products for the money and installing them in such a way as to sound great.

It's still hard for me to believe that I've been lucky enough to build a business doing what I love with cars and electronics.

If your thinking of mobile electronics I hope you'll stop by and see us.

You'll Love How Your New System Sounds I Guarantee It!

Robert Heale

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